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First Release

In Summer/Fall 2024, the harvest of grapes for the first commercial production of wine in the Kingdom of Bhutan will take place. This is likely the first time in 150 years that a country has launched a new wine industry (dating back to New Zealand in late 1800s). This is truly a monumentally historic event—for the Kingdom of Bhutan and for the wine community, given that this may in fact be the last opportunity for a new wine frontier organically to be possible.


This is a once-in-a-generation (or several generations!) landmark occurrence in the wine world. While Bhutan is known globally for its Gross Natural Happiness Index, it’s also the only carbon negative country on the planet, with a focus on sustainability and harmony with the environment.  Which makes this a truly unique opportunity to develop some of the most unique terroir in the world of wine. 

And we want to give you the chance to be a part of wine history!

There are two ways for you to enter for a chance to get involved: 

For perhaps the first time in 150 years,

a country is launching a new wine industry in what may be the last viable wine development opportunity in the world.

And the harvest for its historic First Release will happen in Summer & Fall 2024.

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First Release Harvest

Join us in Summer/Fall 2024 to be a part of the first commercial wine grape harvest in Bhutan! Depending on the timing, this rare experience may offer participants the opportunity to harvest grapes in the vineyards, and/or partake in elements of the wine-making production process. Along with wine activities, the week-long itinerary will also include unforgettable Bhutanese cultural and site-seeing activities in the country. 

(Trip cost, TBD, to be incurred at the expense of traveler).

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First Release Vintage

We will be producing a limited quantity of bottles from the first release harvest, and you can enter for a chance to purchase one of these historic First Release Vintage bottles, at the designated offer price, TBD.

(If you are selected, you may forfeit your ability to purchase if you are no longer interested at time of offer). 

Feel free to enter your chance for either of these options, or both of them!*

*Entering your name and information does not guarantee or confirm your participation or opportunity to purchase.

We will be in touch with you directly if you have been selected for your choice!

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