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Our wine, named Ser Kem, captures the magic and beauty of

The Kingdom of Bhutan in a bottle.

Ser Kem
                      an offering of alcohol to the Gods in Buddhist tradition

In Bhutanese tradition when a child is born, it is customary for the newborn’s parents to entrust the naming of the child to the highly respected local master namer religious person or monk, who along with choosing the child’s name, also offers blessings for their well-being over their lifetime. So when thinking about the name for the new wine brand that intends to honor the essence of Bhutan, we naturally sought guidance from the local master namer monk for the name of the wine that would demonstrate the beauty, purity, and uniqueness of this special place to the world. The monk aptly chose the name “Ser Kem”.

Ser Kem (pronounced “Saire-Chem”) means an offering of alcohol to the Gods when one visits a monastery or a temple in the Buddhist tradition. The Ser Kem brand manifests the vision of offering the sense of place that is uniquely The Kingdom of Bhutan to the rest of the world, together in one sip. And when sharing alcohol with friends and family, instead of a Western styled “Cheers” of touching glasses together, the Bhutanese ritual is to dip the ring finger of their left hand into their drink and flick the droplets into the air, as a way of doing Ser Kem with every glass.


The historic First Barrel of celebratory wine ever produced in the country!
We have reserved 100 bottles of this momentous event to be made available on special allocation only.
If you would like to be considered for allocation of one of these 100 bottles
of Bhutan’s Historic First Barrel, click here.
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Wine is the ultimate expression 

                         of the uniqueness of a place, the culture of its people, and the beauty of its natural features.  

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