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We selected internationally respected and known varieties that we believe will be successful based on our initial research and analysis of soil and climatic data.  We believe that as we gain more experience with the various microclimates and terroirs within the Kingdom that opportunities will exist to experiment with other international varieties over the longer term.

Currently planted varieties are: 










Our vineyards are located in various parts of the country in distinct micro-climates that we believe have the ability to grow grapes for the production of wine.  Each vineyard has all nine of our varieties planted, using different methods.


Please come and visit any of our vineyards if you are in Bhutan!  We’re very proud of them and love to share them and their views with our friends, both old and new.



Sauvignon Blanc

Petit Manseng


Cabernet Sauvignon



Pinot Noir


Cabernet Franc

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Located outside of Bhutan's capital city of Thimphu, on the East West road from Thimphu to Punakha, this gorgeous vineyard offers stunning views of the valley below and a dizzying array of Himalayan peaks.  Situated at 8,900 feet in altitude, this is our highest vineyard, and as such benefits from strong sun exposure in summer months. This vineyard offers steep terraced southeast facing slopes. The terraces are planted with both single and double rows of vines, which are head trained. We believe that Cabernet Franc and Petit Manseng will perform exceptionally well here. 


Located just above the town of Paro, near the international airport, sits our Paro vineyard.  Located at around 7,500 feet in elevation, the Paro vineyard offers majestic 360 degree views of the Paro valley and its surrounding peaks.  This vineyard has terraced slopes, where we have planted head-trained vines at ten foot spacing intervals to take advantage of the drying local winds.  Additionally, we have two flat blocks, one which is planted with north-south rows and one with east-west rows.  Both blocks are designated for VSP trellises. 

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Situated in the country's warm eastern side, this vineyard is located at about 3,000 feet in elevation. Nestled in a flat valley, these vines will experience year-round warmth, and ranges of up to 100 F in the summer months, offering us the opportunity to experiment with variable harvest periods. Like the Bajo vineyard, this flat vineyard is designated completely for trellising, likely using VSP, although other methods may be contemplated.


Nestled in the beautiful Punakha Valley, this vineyard will relish dry, hot temperatures throughout the year as it sits in a protective rain shadow and enjoys gentle warming breezes year round. We anticipate our red varietals, particularly Cabernet Sauvignon, will flourish here, as will Chardonnay. The Bajo vineyard is completely flat, at around 4,000 feet in elevation, and is located just above the Sankosh river. This vineyard is also designated for VSP trellises.