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The BWC is working with strategic partners within the Kingdom to make this vision a reality. We are collaborating to leverage the country’s unique terroir across many diverse macroclimates, strong history of agricultural success, and impressive global reputation as environmental pioneers (and the only carbon-negative country in the world).


Specifically, the BWC’s vision is to assist in research and development to evaluate potential wine growing regions within the country, develop corporate-owned vineyards, invest in capital equipment and assist local farmers with the conversion of their lands to vineyards, build wine making facilities to be shared across growers and producers, and offer a sales and marketing channel to sell Bhutanese wine to the global market.



How We Are Realizing the Vision


After years of research, analysis, and careful planning, the BWC collaborated with a wide array of stakeholders including various government departments and ministries, local business leaders, and our strategic partners to plant five initial vineyards in various microclimates around the Kingdom. 


The goal with these vineyards is to determine which varieties and rootstocks perform the best in various microclimates.  We began by planting nine international varietals, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Syrah, Pinot Noir, Malbec, Cabernet Franc, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc and Petit Manseng.  In addition, we are experimenting with a variety of vineyard design options, trellising systems and vine spacing (for more info, visit 'The Grapes & Vineyards' page).  Our goal is to begin developing viticultural expertise within the Kingdom and leverage key learnings from these vineyards as we move into our expansion phase.


The Bhutan Wine Company is an early stage company whose vision is to develop the fine wine industry in the Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan to celebrate the beauty and magic of the country’s land, people, and culture across the world by creating fine wine products destined for the global markets.

Wine Toasting

Our Path Forward


Our short term goals are to continue to develop and monitor our existing vineyards, and begin identifying and developing future vineyard sites, with the intention of planting 50-100 acres in Spring 2020, and additional vineyards each year thereafter.  We are also evaluating sites for the development of wine making facilities.  Lastly, we intend to begin strengthening our global supply chains and further establishing the brand. 


Our longer term goals are to continue the development of the entire wine industry in the Kingdom, with an eye to conversion of low-yield farmland to vineyards, scaled production facilities, and robust international distribution channels.  We believe that as the wine industry scales, significant opportunities will exist in adjacent markets, such as wine tourism, bottling and packing manufacturing, and possibly cooperage. 


Our intent is to build a legacy industry for our grandchildren and the future grandchildren of the Kingdom.

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